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Jerry Sandusky and the Penn State Football Scandal Pt. II...

Part Two of our investigative series on the Penn State football scandal focuses on the sub-culture of major college football. Football coaches, for the most part, are frustrated ex-jocks who couldn't cut the mustard at the highest levels, or at any level. And as Woody Allen famously stated in his film "Radio Days", "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. And those who can't teach, teach gym". We can rephrase it for our purposes as "Those who can't coach, coach football".

Yes, football coaches. Those beady-eyed, granite-jawed orangutans with the thousand-yard stare who spend their emotionally stunted adulthoods screaming at the top of their lungs at teenagers while stalking the gridiron dressed in unseemly, tight-ass polyester shorts with breath so bad it could whittle the grass they walk on, while ranting and raving about how the next game is going to be a "war" they must win.They love their war euphemisms, and it is a glaring example of how fucked in the head these idiots are by constantly referencing war rhetoric to a bunch of impressionable young kids playing a game. Football isn't war, it's a sport, unless you've been the unfortunate lad to have been caught in the Cobra Clutch of a slimeball like Jerry Sandusky, who used his position of authority to live out his disgusting sexual perversions by abusing boys he was entrusted to supervise and protect.

Supposedly, football coaches are molders of young men who, according to the jackasses who worship them, teach invaluable lessons about life, competition and camaraderie. Apparently, these lessons can only be taught by frustrated, mentally-stunted neanderthals who've been concussed so many times during their own playing days most can't remember to take their whistles off when they go home to their grandmother's double-wide trailer. Many of these crackers would be distilling moonshine or biting the heads off chickens in traveling circuses if it wasn't for coaching, such is the genetic gene pool this profession attracts.

These lessons, according to one Jerry Sandusky, extend to personal hygiene, which is the reason he gave a few days ago via his crackhead attorney about why he showered with the young boys under his supervision. Newsflash for you, Jerry-you don't need to jump into a shower butt-ass naked with a 10-year old child to show him how to soap up. This line of reasoning borders on the insane, and is the main reason why I waited a while from the moment this sordid story broke out before commenting on it. These nuggets of self-incrimination are the desperate pleas of a vile and grotesque human being, whose sickness metastasized in the petri dish that is big-time college football.

The insulated world of D-I football promotes loyalty over talent, which is why the same type of white-bred, redneck goon gets recycled from the benches of such programs right into the coaching ranks all over the country.This is why assistant coach Mike McQueary saw Sandusky slamming a poor underage child in the ass as he strolled past the showers one fine day and decided he'd better call his dad to see how best to cover his own behind instead of calling the fucking police, which would have been the second reaction of anyone not indoctrinated by the assholes who run college football. The first instinct of any normal human being would have been to make an attempt to save the child from this perverse sexual attack. Instead, he stated he "slammed a locker door really hard" to let Sandusky know someone was in close proximity. That he walked away without ever once checking on the child after the fact speaks volumes not only of McQueary's own morals but of the cult-like atmosphere that pervades the universe of big-time college sports.

Here is the thing-I'm all for young boys bonding over athletics. It sure beats them joining gangs and participating in the preferred activities of gang bangers, like drive-by shootings, drug dealing and gang-rapes. But the whole jock culture within football has to change. First of all, no adult should shower in the presence of other naked boys. I liked the football coaches I played for, but would draw the line at seeing them naked in the shower next to me while waiting for them to pass me the soap as they generously lathered their rear ends. I would refrain from accepting a bar of Lever 2000 in such an instance.

There is no reason why the rituals of athletics have to involve the gratuitous exhibition of fellow teammate's genitalia. Showers should be private. Now one would argue that private showering facilities cost too much money to install. Well, you can ask the Penn State administration which would be more economically feasible-private showers or the untold millions they will inevitably be sued for because of the situation that just blew up in their face.I don't need to see anyone showering naked next to me, and neither do I want to be ogled while in the same vulnerable position. Under such circumstances, you may want to just shower up and get the fuck out of there, but you never know what's on the mind of the cat next to you. Or what's on the mind of your coach, who shouldn't be in there in the fucking first place.

Sandusky was protected by McQueary, Paterno, and the school administrators, who instead of going to the police with the information they had about a sexual assault witnessed first-hand, they passed the buck and ignored the fact they had a sexual predator in their midst, a pedophile who set up a foundation for at-risk youth so he could have a henhouse full of emotionally disturbed boys from broken homes to feast on like a homosexual Nosferatu. They had the situation well in hand, where potential crimes or other malfeasances are to be reported to campus police, who conveniently work for Penn State and not the state of Pennsylvania.

What we've witnessed in the aftermath of these heinous allegations is the culture of college football when a program becomes bigger than the towns they inhabit. This is what happens when diehard football fans pledge their allegiances to these programs to the point where sweeping shit like this under the rug is their first reaction to such a crisis. This is a monumental crisis of character that speaks volumes about the type of lessons football coaches like Paterno preach. Underneath it all, the character-building bullshit spewed by football coaches is nothing but an exercise in cult worship. And as in any cult, the cult and its' leader must be protected at all costs.

There is another dynamic at play here. Irresponsible parenting is at the root of this madness. If more parents were to take responsibility for their children, they wouldn't have to look to some jive-ass coach to take care of their young boys. The responsibility of being surrogate dads to wayward children should not fall into the hands of coaches. Coaches should fucking coach and that's it, and parents should be parents. Unfortunately, kids from impoverished, broken homes are susceptible to this type of abuse just like the proverbial runaway girl is susceptible to landing in the hands of a pimp. It is natural for a hapless, overburdened, single mother trying to raise her children under increasingly difficult circumstances to look for help, especially if the father is either not there or is a useless piece of shit. But society needs to recalibrate its' priorities so that responsible parenting takes precedence over the stalking image of a coach who is a father figure to no one when his intentions are similar to those of a creep like Sandusky.

And don't think for one second Sandusky is the ONLY pedophile/sexual predator roaming college campuses and athletic youth leagues. No, No, No. Just like almost every major athletic program has players taking money under the table from boosters and wanna-be agents, so too do college campuses have freaks masquerading as coaches preying on the very young people they are entrusted to coach. Just ask Jim Boeheim of Syracuse University, whose long-time friend and trusted assistant coach was recently fired over allegations that he too molested young kids over the course of many years. And let's not forget the resignation of the head of the AAU for the same exact reasons.

McQueary had one thing in mind when he encountered what must have been a blood-curdling scenario in the shower of the campus of Penn State, and it wasn't the welfare of the child. It was the idea of getting out of this situation without putting his career in jeopardy. Joe Paterno, it turns out, didn't immediately go directly to his superiors with the information because he didn't want to ruin the kids' weekend at Sandusky's camp. Well, this one particular child's weekend was ruined, and so was the rest of his life. Meanwhile, the brain dead student body of Penn State felt enough outrage to stage a candlelight vigil for Joe Pa as if he were the victim in all this, without thinking once that this out-of-touch buffoon needed to be fired and his statue taken down and hung upside down like Mussolini's bloated corpse after Italy was freed from the bondage of Fascism.

These are the so-called "values" at the core of this diseased system. Whenever you see some fat slob of a fan with his school colors painted on his gelatinous torso during the airing of a college football game, you can blame him too. It's losers like this, who live to cheer for their favorite college football team to the exclusion of say, a gym membership or anything remotely resembling a real life, you know that what matters to these cocksuckers is the game every Saturday and nothing else. If they have children or a wife, they are summarily ignored. If not, they cannot comprehend that what Sandusky did was horrible and wrong because they cannot relate. To them, their family constitutes the players they see on their big-screen TVs, and the head of this family is the coach. Slinking into the fantasy world of sports gives your average college football fan a respite from having to think too hard about anything, and gives their pent-up passions an orgiastic release they could never experience within the challenging confines of a real relationship with real human beings.

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