Friday, February 19, 2010

Take Back The Night...

Guess who's back in the news? Yes, it's the hoochie who accused the Duke University Lacrosse team of rape, the bitch who ruined countless innocent lives with her bullshit tale of gang rape. And guess what for? She is being charged with first-degree attempted murder for threatening her boyfriend with a knife and burning his clothes in the bathtub of the crack house they were residing in.

She lied about the events that transpired that evening, had more semen samples in her than a sperm bank (none of which belonged to any of the players) and yet before any of the facts came out the women of Duke University decided to have a midnight march with banners proclaiming "Take Back The Night". Here is a photo of the dirtbag these ignorant, misguided sluts decided to use as the posterchild for their crusade-

The women of Duke University were not railing against what turned out to be not-a-rape. They weren't interested in truth or justice. They pounced on this issue because it fit their feminazi agenda. Any chance these twats get to lop off the testicles of the male gender they pounce on it like a bunch of fat brides-to-be at a wedding dress sale. White male entitlement became the issue, drowning out cries for true justice in a case that brought out the worse in these assholes. I'm sure, in their smug self-righteousness, not one of the women who took part in the event ever went back and publicly apologized to any of the players.

If they were really interested in "Taking Back The Night", they should of marched not in front of the house of the Duke Lacrosse team but in front of the strip club this woman worked at. Not to harass the patrons, but to harass the women working there. "Take Back The Night" from ugly, grotesquely bloated prostitutes who get out of pocket-THAT should have been their mantra. THAT would have had a more resounding effect than picking on a bunch of immature, frat-boy jag-offs whose only crime was hiring the ugliest dancers this side of Hunt's Point in NYC. And the dancers didn't even include a group sex rate in their service contract. The nerve of these women. What part of "exotic dancer" did they not understand?

Now, if these guys were pimps, then the whole episode would have been over with a couple of well-administered pimp slaps across the face of the offending hoes. That's how they do it out on the street. That's how you regulate that ass. But this bitch figured she could cash in on this story because the guys in question were white boys from good families, apparently easy targets for her trumped-up accusations.

She and the disgraced ex-district attorney of Durham, who lost his license to practice law over his gross mishandling of the case, found out the hard way that you cannot mess with "THE MAN". They found out that if you come with some bullshit allegations, you'd better come correct and have all your ducks (or in this case, semen samples) in a row. I just hope that she gets not the book, but a whole set of encyclopedias thrown at her this time around.

This loser belongs in jail, not for being a stripper but for disgracing the profession (which we here at "Busting Chops" not only condone but encourage as a lifestyle-changing opportunity for any young, good-looking loser) and for being a menace to society. We've had enough of her. Time for her to go. Be out, bitch-BE OUT!!!

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