Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Montana Fishburne-another positive role model for young black women to emulate...

Lawrence Fishburne's daughter Montana has decided to become a porn star and has already shot two films that I know of. When I saw her youtube video hanging out with a skinny, Don King afro-wearing hoodrat clown she called her boyfriend (an alleged pimp who is also trying to get into the business) and porno star/director Brian Pumper (he of the TT Boy line of erotic cinema fame) I could not believe it. This has been news for quite a while but only recently have the reports come across the desks of our home office here at "Busting Chops".

Female porn stars are very funny people. If you ever look up some of their biographies or read some of their interviews, they always make themselves out to be exotic, multi-talented people from diverse backgrounds who chose porn as a means of empowerment and self-expression. When I think of self-expression, I head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for motivation, not to a porn set to get creampied, fucked in the ass until it's the size of a manhole cover and splashed with semen from multiple anonymous erections.

I'm not going to moralize about this woman's life choice (yes I am) but there is something very strange going on here. Beautiful, young black sisters with the opportunities this young lady had (past tense) don't need to degrade themselves like this. There are many women just like her who work dead-end jobs raising children by themselves who would never stoop to such depraved depths. So, the existential question to be asked here is, "What The Fuck Is This Stupid Bitch Doing?"

We don't know what type of relationship Lawrence had with his daughter growing up. Then again, there are many families grappling with this same problem-you raise a kid in a decent, loving environment and they still turn out to be assholes. Basically, child-rearing is a crapshoot, and you can only do the best you can. My guess is her home life could not have been a solid, healthy one for her to resort to this. She seems incredibly unstable and neurotic. One minute she's working with Brian Pumper (under the porn name "Chip-D") then she decides to sue him for releasing a porn video that was supposedly a warm-up for her debut with the Vivid Video adult film company.

In the last year, she's been arrested for domestic violence and "solicitation" (prostitution to you and me), did a stint in a 30-day drug rehab/anger management facility and has been been alleged to have been a prostitute ever since she met her slimeball boyfriend pictured above, who is allegedly her pimp and was the one who put her out in the street to sell that fat ass in the first place because he wanted to get paid.

Who the fuck knows. I'm pretty sure Lawrence isn't going to discuss this on Oprah Winfrey anytime soon. Before disowning her, he did offer his daughter one solid piece of advice-"you don't use your real name in porn". That's great, Larry. Absolutely awesome job there in helping guide her professional career as a serial public fornicator (not that there's anything wrong with that).

But Montana (who's vagina already, at the ripe old age of 19, eerily resembles a greasy hamburger and has some serious issues with boils all over her ass) stated that since this type of exposure was good for the career of Kim Kardashian, it should open the same doors for her. But Kim is a celubu-whore, famous for an amateur sex tape that was about as erotic as a visit to the dentist. She was terrible in that flick, as was her chimeric whorno-twin Paris Hilton in her video, aptly titled "One Night in Paris". These women exemplify the rotten underbelly of the American Dream, where no-talent losers feels it's their divine right to be famous without putting in work at anything except being on-camera whores and reality-show swine.

My darling Montana, I've always thought you were a cutie, with your ghetto 'round the way looks, and anticipate seeing you taking massive cock up your ass. But it saddens me that you have to resort to this type of behavior at a time when young black women are starving for positive role models, women who don't consider gagging on humongous moose dicks and smiling into the camera while gallons of cum drip all over their face a positive career move.

Pinky the porn star said it best-(I paraphrase-) "Montana Fishburne doing porn is like some trust-fund baby from the suburbs deciding he wants to go to the 'hood and stand on the corner selling $10 dollar bottles of crack". Exactly. This career move makes no fucking sense for Montana. Who knows, and it's why Montana can only be considered a mentally unstable, drug-addicted hoochie who was born a social misfit and sexual deviate. That is in her DNA and she will never change. Here's to you, Montana Fishburne-looking forward to your next flick in which hopefully you have those unsightly boils removed from our butt cheeks so I can watch you get DP'ed without being distracted or grossed the fuck out.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Film Recommendation of the Week...

An Education
Release date: October 30, 2009
Running time: 1 hour 35 minutes

Jenny Mellor a studious 16-year old British girl with dreams of going to Oxford, is casually but persuasively seduced by David Goldman, an older gentleman who shows her the world of fine restaurants, fine art and travel. He manages to even persuade her stuffy father to let her go off on weekends to Oxford and Paris.

Goldman is played with an effortless charm by American actor Peter Sarsgaard, who so casually persuades Jenny's parents to allow her to go out with him that one almost doesn't notice that this is a man that is used to getting what he wants regardless of the circumstances.

The first sign we get that things are not what they seem is on their first date, when it is revealed that David's friend's date is not the cultured woman of the world she appears to be. She certainly is dressed impeccably, but is in all reality a woman of very limited intellect, conspicuously yawning during the orchestras' performance and not understanding a word of French.

The next trip-up in this whirlwind romance is when they go to a house to steal a very expensive framed map from an old woman's house. Jenny becomes immediately distressed, but the charming David talks her back into the fold. The story carries on with the changes this relationship has on her life, with her parents and especially at school, where she is warned by some very stuffy teachers and administrators that she is throwing her life away.

Jenny, played by Carey Mulligan, is an absolutely wonderful actress. She makes the transformation from a schoolgirl dreaming of breaking free from her restrictive environment to a young woman of the world right before our very eyes almost effortlessly. Part of the charm of this film are the actors, and by that I mean their complexions. Sarsgaard and Mulligan are so fresh-faced and full of vitality that I thought I was watching a Noxema commercial (do they still sell that crap? I want my money back!!!). But they are also very talented, and watching them do their thing is a joy to behold.

Jenny comes to the typical working-class conclusion that there are no short-cuts in life, and that whatever dreams you may have you have to work for them and not sit around waiting for someone to come along and make them come true for you. We are privy here to some excellent acting by everyone in the cast; passionate yet understated performances in the way only the Brits can pull it off. It is quite a film, and one I recommend highly.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For all you zombie fans out there...

You must check out the new series from the AMC channel called...

The Walking Dead

This made-for-tv series is an adaptation of the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman of the same name. I've seen the first two episodes and it's excellent. In fact, it's gotten such rave reviews that it was picked up for a second season on the strength of it's initial popularity. Nothing like a good old fashioned zombie apocalypse to see us through the cold and miserable fall and winter months.

Everyone involved in this project is thoroughly invested in making it as genuine as possible. The producers/directors are working closely with the graphic novel's creator to make it authentic and true to his vision, which is quite rare in the film industry. The first year will be six episodes followed by thirteen
second year . Kudos to AMC for having the foresight and belief in this project to see it through.

The scene takes place in the the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, where a police officer from a suburban town outside the city is initially hospitalized for wounds suffered in a shootout with some guys after a high-speed chase. He wakes up in the hospital and realizes that something has gone terribly wrong.

He has no communication with the outside world, which has turned into a nightmare landscape of the walking dead. Injured as he is, he attempts to go home and finds his wife and son are gone. He winds up in Atlanta trapped in an army tank while marauding herds of zombies feast on the horse he rode in on. He is saved with the guidance of a bunch of disparate characters holed up in the local department store.
These people, thrown together from all walks of life, are attempting to navigate through what has become a chaotic new world order, one that offers no clues for survival and seemingly no way out.The rest I'll leave for you to watch.

Totally and completely awesome.