Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For all you zombie fans out there...

You must check out the new series from the AMC channel called...

The Walking Dead

This made-for-tv series is an adaptation of the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman of the same name. I've seen the first two episodes and it's excellent. In fact, it's gotten such rave reviews that it was picked up for a second season on the strength of it's initial popularity. Nothing like a good old fashioned zombie apocalypse to see us through the cold and miserable fall and winter months.

Everyone involved in this project is thoroughly invested in making it as genuine as possible. The producers/directors are working closely with the graphic novel's creator to make it authentic and true to his vision, which is quite rare in the film industry. The first year will be six episodes followed by thirteen
second year . Kudos to AMC for having the foresight and belief in this project to see it through.

The scene takes place in the the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, where a police officer from a suburban town outside the city is initially hospitalized for wounds suffered in a shootout with some guys after a high-speed chase. He wakes up in the hospital and realizes that something has gone terribly wrong.

He has no communication with the outside world, which has turned into a nightmare landscape of the walking dead. Injured as he is, he attempts to go home and finds his wife and son are gone. He winds up in Atlanta trapped in an army tank while marauding herds of zombies feast on the horse he rode in on. He is saved with the guidance of a bunch of disparate characters holed up in the local department store.
These people, thrown together from all walks of life, are attempting to navigate through what has become a chaotic new world order, one that offers no clues for survival and seemingly no way out.The rest I'll leave for you to watch.

Totally and completely awesome.

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