Monday, June 29, 2009

The Cleveland Cavaliers...

OK, time to bust some chops.

The Cavaliers face some serious issues-the fact that they built a team of undertalented, overachieving players more suited to coming off another team's bench was never more apparent than in their playoff loss to Orlando, who lost to the Lakers because Stan Van Gundy cannot coach his way out of a paper bag when the pressure is on. I'll get to them in a minute.

Ben Wallace, Joe Smith and Wally Szczerbiak proved to be old and ineffective. These guys are washed up and need to go. They contributed very little to a team that did well because they play in a weak conference. They do play stifling defense thanks to coach Mike Brown who, for all his efforts and Coach of the Year honors is being paid back with rumors that he may get fired.

The Cavaliers are truly a one-trick pony, and the signing of O'Neil reflects their panic at potentially watching Lebron sign with another team in 2010 if they don't make moves RIGHT NOW to show him they are committed to winning a championship.

O'Neal is a bloated, out of shape prima donna who, underneath his outgoing exterior is an selfish, self-centered asshole. As he is nearing the end of his career he has become increasingly boorish in his attacks on former teammates and coaches.

Lebron James may be in for a surprise, because if this fat bastard can't manage to shed at least 50 pounds and come into training camp in shape, this trade will not work out like he thinks it will.

The only good thing about the O'Neil trade is that Cleveland gave up very little for what will amount to be a one-year rental before this fat horse goes to pasture.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thank You Masked Man...

This cartoon skit illustrates just how ahead of his time comedian Lenny Bruce was.

It's just as bizarre and funny now as it was then.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stay thirsty, my friends...

The police often question him...simply because they find him interesting.

His enemies list HIM as an emergency contact number.

He is...The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Tell me this guy isn't hilarious...his commercials crack me up every time I see one on TV.

Like it or not...

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Alex Rodriguez just passed Reggie Jackson on the all-time home-run list. Here it is...

1) Barry Bonds............762
2) Hank Aaron............755
3) Babe Ruth..............716
4) Willie Mays.............660
5) Ken Griffey Jr.-........619
6) Sammy Sosa............609
7) Frank Robinson........586
8) Mark McGuire..........583
9) Harmon Killebrew......573
10)Rafael Palmeiro.......569
11)Alex Rodriguez........564

He will be 34 in late July of this year. To get to 600, all he needs to do is hit 36 more homers, which he can do by next year, and 46 to pass Sammy Sosa. He can be the 5th leading home run hitter of all time by this time next year.

That would leave him with just 152 shy of the record at the age of 35, with still plenty of years left.

Love him or hate him, he will leave his mark on the game if for no other reason than his quest for the all-time home run mark, the most beloved of all baseball stats.

And he signed a contract that will keep him in pinstripes until he reaches this goal, barring any type of major injuries.

The new Yankee Stadium truly is the house that A-Rod built...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Babe of the Week and...Holy Stats!!!

Shirley Manson of "Garbage"-

Today is Friday and it's my first installment of "Babe of the Week". This is not meant to be a popularity contest, just women that I find intriguing/attractive for whatever reason, past and present.
This weeks' honor goes to Scottish singer Shirley Manson of the group "Garbage". I've been digging their music after listening to their greatest hits compilation entitled "Absolute Garbage".
Inspired by the grunge/alternative rock scene of the early 90's, they took things a step further by polishing up the musicianship and combining their sound with great videos. Here are a few for you to check out if you aren't familiar with them-

Holy Stats!!!

Here are three truly amazing stats from last night's Yankees 11-7 win over the Atlanta Braves-

• Alex Rodriguez hit his 10th home run of the season, moving into a tie with Reggie Jackson for 11th all time with 563 career homers.
• Derek Jeter recorded his 300th career interleague hit with his first single, the most all-time in interleague play.
• Mariano Rivera picked up his 499th career save. This was the 20th time he needed to get only one out to earn the save.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yankee Stadium...

Yankee Stadium was built with public money. That money went to fund a playground for corporate fat cats and other multimillionaires, with private seating and private restaurants that regular fans are not allowed anywhere near. When one hears complaints about the most expensive seats behind home plate remaining empty, keep in mind that it is you, the die-hard Yankee fan who pays for those tickets when they are occupied even though you cannot afford to go to a game.

How's this?

Let me state the obvious about how Corporate America works-they go to games and whatever money they spend is written off on their taxes as "entertainment expenses" whether they are entertaining clients for business purposes or not. They get entertained, and we the taxpayer foot the bill.

The old stadium is gone, and with it a few things that made going to the ballpark exciting.

1) The days of a father taking his son to the game and waiting by the players' entrance to hopefully get an autograph are over. Before, the players parked their cars in an outdoor lot across the street from their entrance and had to cross a small one-way street to get to the stadium. There was time and opportunity to at the very least get a close-up photo of your favorite Yankee.

Now the players drive right into the stadium through a rear entrance and you can't even see them get out of their cars.

2) The seats closest to the field, from each dugout going all the way around are off-limits to anyone without a ticket in that particular area. Like in any other stadium, you were at least allowed to walk around, snap photos, hopefully get an autograph and watch batting practice at the old stadium. But not anymore.

I went last week to a Yankee game and it is truly a beautiful stadium. A franchise of their stature deserves it, and it was long overdue. I am not sad to see the old one go at all, in fact it needs to be demolished ASAP to make room for the proposed park they plan on building. The surrounding community needs it-let's wait and see if the people who will use will be responsible enough to take care of it (yes, I too doubt it, but one can hope).

After walking through the stadium I wondered why they waited so long to build it. Yes, the old one is full of history and all that, but it was a dinosaur that lacked charm and amenities and reeked of cheap beer, piss and vomit. Ironically enough, what made the old stadium so endearing were the fans who've been priced out of the new one.

I highly doubt we'll see the rowdy fans of old, the ones who would buy seats in a certain section of the upper deck for the sole purpose of chucking beer onto the heads of the drunken louts in the bleachers And whoever went to a game in the old park and didn't see a fight wasn't really at Yankee game.

Instead of sitting next to a bunch of guys from Queens, Long Island and Westchester and having a ball listening to their uniquely working class heckling ("HEY A-ROD IT'S WEDNESDAY, WHY AREN'T YOU BOWLING?), I was forced to endure the company of a bunch of over the hill suburban broads whose faces were practically mummified from too many botox injections (whatever happened to growing old gracefully?).

They got up so many times to get food and fix their makeup I missed a towering home run hit by one of the Nationals. We had three Brits in front of us who asked why the fans weren't doing the "Mexican Wave". I told her because this isn't a soccer match, and that we were not in Mexico.

I love the new stadium. What I miss are the old fans.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Blog, only different...

I've read blogs where people attempt to strap on their English Lit dildos and pretentiously pontificate over a series of issues completely out of their collective spheres of expertise-sex, politics, religion, the end of the world, etc. I'll talk about the crazy shit that happens in the world of sports and anything else I find interesting in a no-holds barred fashion (hence the title, "Busting Chops").

I will also do features on film and beautiful women, be they legitimate actresses or porn stars. Guys like beautiful women, and just because one happens to be in adult films should not preclude her from "Babe of the Week" status. But the majority of the content will focus on the world of sports, which nowadays resembles a really cheesy Spanish soap opera, where every day something stupid and dramatic happens. One moment a football player is sentenced to 30 days for a DWI manslaughter conviction (life sure is cheap if you have money to pay your way out of trouble) and the next minute another one of our baseball heroes is shown to be a steroid-riddled fraud.

As for the film portion of the blog, hopefully I can interest some readers into expanding their horizons so that "Fast and the Furious 4" doesn't become a staple on anyone's Netflix order sheet. I am always on the look-out for great films and documentaries to recommend and will use this blog as a vehicle to get the word out on anything I feel is worth viewing.

If anyone is wondering who this stunning Italian actress is, her name is Maria Pia Casilio. She starred in the 1952 neo-realist classic film "Umberto D". More on her and the film later, but right now I would like to add I hope anyone reading my blog finds it of interest and gets an occasional laugh out of it. My humor is sarcastic and occasionally tasteless and cruel, thus misunderstood at times. Don't lose any sleep over it-just roll with it and you'll be fine. It's all meant to educate, elucidate and entertain.