Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Blog, only different...

I've read blogs where people attempt to strap on their English Lit dildos and pretentiously pontificate over a series of issues completely out of their collective spheres of expertise-sex, politics, religion, the end of the world, etc. I'll talk about the crazy shit that happens in the world of sports and anything else I find interesting in a no-holds barred fashion (hence the title, "Busting Chops").

I will also do features on film and beautiful women, be they legitimate actresses or porn stars. Guys like beautiful women, and just because one happens to be in adult films should not preclude her from "Babe of the Week" status. But the majority of the content will focus on the world of sports, which nowadays resembles a really cheesy Spanish soap opera, where every day something stupid and dramatic happens. One moment a football player is sentenced to 30 days for a DWI manslaughter conviction (life sure is cheap if you have money to pay your way out of trouble) and the next minute another one of our baseball heroes is shown to be a steroid-riddled fraud.

As for the film portion of the blog, hopefully I can interest some readers into expanding their horizons so that "Fast and the Furious 4" doesn't become a staple on anyone's Netflix order sheet. I am always on the look-out for great films and documentaries to recommend and will use this blog as a vehicle to get the word out on anything I feel is worth viewing.

If anyone is wondering who this stunning Italian actress is, her name is Maria Pia Casilio. She starred in the 1952 neo-realist classic film "Umberto D". More on her and the film later, but right now I would like to add I hope anyone reading my blog finds it of interest and gets an occasional laugh out of it. My humor is sarcastic and occasionally tasteless and cruel, thus misunderstood at times. Don't lose any sleep over it-just roll with it and you'll be fine. It's all meant to educate, elucidate and entertain.

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