Monday, June 29, 2009

The Cleveland Cavaliers...

OK, time to bust some chops.

The Cavaliers face some serious issues-the fact that they built a team of undertalented, overachieving players more suited to coming off another team's bench was never more apparent than in their playoff loss to Orlando, who lost to the Lakers because Stan Van Gundy cannot coach his way out of a paper bag when the pressure is on. I'll get to them in a minute.

Ben Wallace, Joe Smith and Wally Szczerbiak proved to be old and ineffective. These guys are washed up and need to go. They contributed very little to a team that did well because they play in a weak conference. They do play stifling defense thanks to coach Mike Brown who, for all his efforts and Coach of the Year honors is being paid back with rumors that he may get fired.

The Cavaliers are truly a one-trick pony, and the signing of O'Neil reflects their panic at potentially watching Lebron sign with another team in 2010 if they don't make moves RIGHT NOW to show him they are committed to winning a championship.

O'Neal is a bloated, out of shape prima donna who, underneath his outgoing exterior is an selfish, self-centered asshole. As he is nearing the end of his career he has become increasingly boorish in his attacks on former teammates and coaches.

Lebron James may be in for a surprise, because if this fat bastard can't manage to shed at least 50 pounds and come into training camp in shape, this trade will not work out like he thinks it will.

The only good thing about the O'Neil trade is that Cleveland gave up very little for what will amount to be a one-year rental before this fat horse goes to pasture.

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