Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Babe of the Week for April 2, 2010 is...

Alice Braga!!!

This beautiful Brazilian actress has starred in some excellent films in her native homeland, and has taken her show on the road to the United states. She was currently Jude Law's love interest in the film "Repo Men", also starring Forest Whitaker. It's a terrible film that I would not recommend to my worst enemy, but she loooks mahvelous in it, dahling-absolutely mahvelous. And really, what's more important in life than that?

Just ask Fernando, he'll tell you-

Which brings us to our...

Film Recommendation of the Week-

Lower City
Release Date June 16, 2006.
Running time 1 hour 37 minutes.
Portuguese w/English subtitles.

Two lifelong friends take their rickety boat downriver looking for better opportunities. These cats claim they will never let a woman come between them, until of course one does. Alice Braga plays a dancer/prostitute who in exchange for a ride provides them both with sexual services. throughout their mishaps, they both wind up falling in love with her and proceed to destroy the bond between them.

The tension mounts as things don't go quite as planned, with one of the brothers resorting to taking dives in local boxing matches to make ends meet and the other, after selling the boat for peanuts, holds up a pharmacy at the behest of a local two-bit gangster. Throughout all of this they fight for the affections of Alice, and inevitably all three relationships are torn apart.

It is a great film with excellent acting. Highly recommended.

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