Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl XLVI...

It was a great game, and as a Giants fan I was happy for Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin ans especially that ferocious defensive front line of theirs. But special kudos must go out to coach Tom Coughlin, who was a half a sandwich away from getting canned (yet again) as recently as last November and managed to save his job the only way he could-by taking the first 9-7 team in history all the way to a Superbowl victory.

The other thing I love about Coughlin is he is the polar opposite of his loudmouth neighbor, Jets coach Rex Ryan, who guarantees victories his teams cannot win and instills discipline like a public school substitute teacher. Neither Coughlin nor Manning are glitzy, New York celebrities. In fact, I think Eli has turned into more of a hick while in New York than when he was in college, but that's the beauty of his country-ass demeanor. He doesn't get caught up in the hoopla and never loses his composure. Sometimes you need a good ol' boy to set things straight in the big city.

Bizarre play of the game belongs to Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw. His was the first time I've ever seen a touchdown scored where almost no one on the team congratulated the scorer. How could this be a BAD thing? Because it gave the Patriots an opportunity in the waning moments of the fourth quarter to get the ball back with around a minute or so left, as opposed to falling down before the line and wasting time with a field goal. Bradshaw looked dismayed on the bench, and I must admit I felt a little bit bad for him. But he was vindicated, and all is good in Giants Land.

Much was made of Tom Brady's wife Gisele whateverthefuck her last name is, some Brazilian "super" model (what constitutes a supermodel I'll never know) who apparently knows so much about football she had the audacity to criticize Brady's receivers. True there were more than a few dropped passes in the game, but that last one by Wes Welker was unfair. He makes catches like that all the time, but therein lies the problem. He makes tough catches look routine, and in all fairness that was a difficult one. And if Gronkowski were healthy, maybe he would have made this catch, but the reality is it was a poorly thrown Brady interception under extreme pressure-

But of course being a supermodel gives this dumb, entitled, spoiled, never-worked-a-day-in-her-life bitch the right to critique real work besides taking pictures, sucking cock and snorting cocaine out of her famous husband's jockstrap. Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski (with a name like that your career path is pretty much set, ain't it?) and Aaron Hernandez-two tight ends and a white slot receiver who no one in the NFL could stop-cannot be faulted for anything. Sure, they dropped some passes and "Gronk" wasn't 100% with an ill-timed high ankle sprain, but it's not like they were playing the Jets. These Giants were dialed in defensively and played a hell of a game.

And Eli Manning, who is 8-0 on the road during his last two Superbowl runs and was again voted MVP of the game. What makes this performance legendary? Just watch his pass to Mario Manningham. Without that catch, there is no Superbowl for the Giants. This is what all great quarterbacks have in common-transcendent plays when it matters most.


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