Thursday, November 26, 2015

Kim Davis, Christianity's New Foot Soldier...

We here at "Busting Chops" try to steer clear of politics, religion, and race because these subjects are just too divisive, but this latest outrage has more to do with the galling levels of hypocrisy within the realm of public discourse, exemplified this time by the religious right. We have Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who had the audacity to take the law (Federal law, mind you) into her own hands and deny same-sex couples marriage licenses because it goes against her religious beliefs. We have Senator Ted Cruz on the campaign trail trying to convince America that Christians are being persecuted in this country, and that this is just another example of the attacks on wholesome middle American values. You know who he's talking about-the Americans that these presidential wanna-be douchebags pander to by anointing them the "REAL" Americans. The liberal media elites make their homes at the farther reaches of either shore NYC and California), but from sea to shining sea, these overall-wearing, ah-shucks rednecks are the red state constituency that is the cornerstone of conservative politics, the ones that eat shit like this up and take it as an opportunity to illustrate how the country is going to hell in a liberal handbasket. 

What galls me is Mike Huckabee has taken the mantle and ran with it. This guy believes that Federal law, as upheld by the Supreme Court, does not supercede God's law. According to Huckabee, that includes excluding people he doesn't like from Federal protection accorded to all US citizens. Then we get thrusted into a cynically staged, mentally dulsional Fundamentalist county fair when Davis was released from jail. She took off with it like a Division I mid-major basketball team who just found out they got an at-large bid to the NIT. The only thing missing was her (latest) husband biting the head off a chicken and drowning some poor schmuck in a dusty, polluted river to complete the baptism of stupidity we were subjected to. 

Davis pops out of the office wearing the latest in Puritan chic, replete with the one piece 17th Century homecoming gown with the sewn-on straps that made her look like Cotton Mather's estranged love partner. The only accessory she was missing was the black belt buckle shoes the Pilgrims wore to their first Thanksgiving. 

Let's keep in mind that she a publicly appointed publc official, and MUST abide by Federal law, which supercedes the teachings of the bible where it says homos are an abomination to mankind and  present an irreconcilable affront to traditional marriage between a man and a woman. And Davis should know, because she's been married four fucking times. We found a chart that illustrates her devotion to this sacred practice, which should sheds some light on why she deserves the ridicule she's getting-

I cannot fathom for the life of me how this woman was able to procure so many marriage proposals, but this is Kentucky we're talking about. Take a good look at this flat-assed, pasty white, bird-faced shrew. Can you imagine what sort of toxic waste gets dumped in the municipal drinking water in Kentucky when freaks like her are birthed? This is the same state that graced our planet with Ashley Judd, for cryin' out loud. How did this genetic malfeasance make it off the short bus to become a Federal county clerk? 

Nepotism, that's how. Her mother held the same position for 30 or so years, and had hired her daughter to work in the same office until she retired. Then Kim took over when mommy left. And suddenly she's been thrust into the national spotlight thanks to her refusal to obey and carry out the law. She has become a hero to the conservative right-wing religious zealots who want to turn back the clock on human rights. Let me remind Huckabee that God's law, as written in the bible, is a bit problematic when taken literally. For example, if you see your neighbor working on Sunday, you re well within your rights to stone him/her to death. This is why we have Judicial law, with a separation of church and state as an important facet. But these media whores took the opportunity to photo-op the hell out of this illegal activity for their purposes-

Check out Mike Huckabee (above) and Ted Cruz (below) with Kim Davis and her goofball husband with the overalls. All he's missing is a corn cob pipe, a banjo, and a bottle of moonshine-

American politics have become irrational and irreconcilable to the realities confronting average Americans. This incident is a perfect example that our leaders have everything going for them except leadership qualities, and it has to stop. Let's see how long it takes the American people to wake up and say "enough is enough". 

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