Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Television News and Notes...

Jennifer Lopez, she of the outsized ego, bloated donkey ass and "Jenny From the Block" persona (a cynically contrived ploy at disingenuously garnering ghetto street cred despite the fact that she grew up in a house with two working parents and attended catholic school, nowhere near the fucking South Bronx that she claims to "rep") is set to play Griselda Blanco in an upcoming HBO special. First of all, anyone familiar with the excellent documentary "Cocaine Cowboys" would understand that this lady's life story needs a multi-part series to cover, like Netflix did for Pablo Escobar in "Narcos". This woman was responsible for not only a large majority of the cocaine being trafficked into Miami during the late 70's-early 80's, she was also responsible for the majority of the depraved butchery that overran law enforcement in the greater Miami-Dade County. During her reign of terror, she employed the fiercest, most violently perverted gang of enforcers and hit men this side of the Nazi Einsatzgruppen. These motherfuckers were straight-up kamikazes, and it's a wonder she lasted so long and did relatively little time in jail given her criminal exploits. If there was ever a candidate for the electric chair, it was this depraved whore. 

But J-Lo is a two-bit wanna-be prosthetic glamour queen. The real Griselda Blanco resembled a Latina version of Mrs. Manicotti from "The Honeymooners". She was short, dumpy, and not at all attractive. Lopez was quoted as saying she is fascinated by this woman's story. So are we here at "Busting Chops", but only as a gratuitous "look-at-that-train-wreck" type of spectacle. She's fascinating in a sort of Josef Mengele type of way. I believe in the right hands Griselda's story would be riveting. But in the hands of Lopez, whose production company is in charge of the project, it's going to be one prolonged narco-infomercial on the glamorous life of a drug queen as played by an aging, manufactured, "look-at-me", lip-syncing twat whose best days are behind her-literally, because her career has been all ass and nothing else. 

Yeah, the resemblance is fucking uncanny-

Narcos Season 2

If you haven't caught Season 1, then watch it before you delve into Season 2 which starts September 2nd. 2016. Everything about this series is superb. The actors and the locations lend it an air of authenticity, The manner in which the story is told (part Spanish, part English, part narrated), keeps it alive and fresh. And the actor playing Pablo Escobar is amazing. Anyone into Brazilian cinema over the last 10-15 years will instantly recognize Wager Moura, who first came to our attention in the grand prison film "Carandiru". He learned Spanish specifically for this role, and even though the Colombian actor who played Pablo in the dynamic series "Pablo Escobar-El Patron del Mal" was a bit more convincing, Moura still manages to knock it out of the park with his performance. 

This season is dedicated to the chase of Escobar once he escapes from the prison he built himself when it's found out that not only was he still conducting business from behind bars, he was assassinating co-workers from the drug trade, whoring, and coming and going as he pleased. From Season 1, we already have the major characters solidly in place for the final showdown. It is interesting also, and very well done by the writers, how every single cross and double-cross by every single entity involved in the drug trade and the Colombian government are seamlessly interwoven into a taught, fast-paced story line. THIS is how you write a fucking script for a televison series, damn it!!! All ten episodes will be available on Netflix when the first episode airs, so if you're one of those types who must binge watch, you can stay up all night and catch all remaining ten episodes all in a row without having to wait. 

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