Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Film Recommendation of the Week...

Assault in the Ring

HBO Documentary

Release Date- August 1st, 2009.

This documentary tells the story of the June 13, 1983 junior middleweight bout between journeyman Luis Resto and up-and-comer Billy Collins, Jr. This is one of the most infamous boxing matches in history, having altered the lives of many people as time went on. Whether you are a boxing fan or not, it definitely is interesting and very well-done.

Resto had his gloves tampered with by someone working his corner-the padding had been taken out and his hands were wrapped in plaster, making the force of his punches feel like anvils. Resto and his trainer Carlos "Panama" Lewis both did jail time and were banned from the sport, though Lewis continues a lucrative career as a trainer. To this day no one knows who was responsible, and one is left with the feeling that the guilty parties will take their secrets with them to the grave.

The huge controversy generated from this fight has had long-lasting ramifications for all parties involved. What followed was an investigation, criminal charges, convictions and jail time, unsuccessful lawsuits and the premature death of Billy Collins, Jr. Resto himself manages to come to grips with his role in the affair, but sometimes contrition comes too little too late to change the damage that's already been done.

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