Friday, October 9, 2009

Babe of the Week for October 9, 2009 is...

Gabrielle Union!!!

I believe one of this young lady's claims to fame was being dumped as a high school student by then-boyfriend Jason Kidd during a game she attended to cheer him on. Nice, huh? But when you loook this mahvelous, dahling she was bound to land on her feet very quickly. And she has.

Hey Jason, how did that marriage to the Coor's Light Beer Whore turn out? Nasty divorce, accusations of domestic violence, losing half your net worth to a twat whose biggest life accomplishment was becoming a bikini model for a cheap domestic beer? At least Gabrielle has a career, even though she is a C-List celebrity more famous for her serial dating of famous athletes/actors/entertainers than for her acting chops. Hey, but we here at "Busting Chops" love our chicas to be a little on the promiscuous side, so it's all bueno, my sons.

Vote for Gabrielle!!! Her platform? "SHE LOOOKS MAHVELOUS!!!

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