Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rick Pitino, Pt. 2of a 2-Part Series on College Coaches in the News...

Not exactly a "Love TKO", this one. Rick Pitino, one of the most powerful coaches in college basketball and an absolute god in the state of Kentucky, was extorted for quite a bit of cash and all types of other ridiculous demands by an aging homecoming queen whose biggest mistake in life was mixing crystal meth and crack in the same pipe and inhaling way too hard.

Pitino, for his part, had no business messing with this retard. They met at one of Lexington's finest eating establishments, which means the restaurant was a glorified Beefsteak Charlie's.

Rick, you should of read the advertising before entering-

"Beer, wine or sangria absolutely free with your dinner at Beefsteak Charlie’s. But the ass is gonna cost you..."

The name should of been a dead giveaway-Karen Sypher, rhymes with...? Cypher!!! She is also the wife of U of L equipment manager Tim Sypher. What, you ask? How is this woman related to one of Pitino's employees and lifelong sycophants? After their little tryst, Pitino was accused by this woman of forcing her to marry his equipment manager to shut her up. It would of been easier to buy her a muzzle.

But ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I ask that you take a look at this ravishing beauty and wonder how Pitino could of kept his hands off her, keeping in mind that Kentucky's best cosmetic surgeons also double as horse breeders in their spare time-

The extortion demands go as follows-she wanted 8-10 million in cash, paid tuition for her Bubba Sparks-lookalike son and other amenities. But as we all know from reading Rick's book, success is a choice. And what choice does an old horse about to be put out to pasture have but to have flings with powerful, married men and then extorting them into buying her the life she so richly deserves? The life of Kentucky Blue Blood Society, complete with season tickets to the once-a-year Kentucky Derby and a pass to hobnob with the Botox Princesses of the most powerful businessmen/horse owners in the state? Aren't those some of the principals in Pitino's book?

This woman has so much class that she eschewed the traditional concubine amenities like a nice hotel suite complete with jacuzzi and wet bar for a pathetically juvenile romp on some tables in the back of the Rolling Roaster fast-food joint. This should of been a tip-off as to her white trash pedigree, but Pitino was stupid enough to "horse her" (pun intended) without using a condom. Imagine in this day and age a middle-aged, upper-class white coach acting no better than his 18-22 year-old basketball players do on a typical Saturday night.

What the fuck is this world coming to. The rest of the details aren't even worth mentioning. My point is the images people meticulously paint of themselves always fall well off the mark of truth. I've seen this with the little people of the world, and also of the movers and shakers who have so much more to lose if their shortcomings were ever made public. This is just another example, as worthy of ridicule and scorn as any other.

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  1. I probably shouldn't take this so seriously, but it happened in Louisville, not Lexington, and Louisville, hard is this may be to believe, is a great independent restaurant town. In this case it was an Italian restaurant where Pitino is a part owner: Porcini's.