Saturday, November 14, 2009

Film Recommendation of the Week...

Paranormal Activity

Release date October 16, 2009.
Running time 1 hour 26 minutes.

A couple of weeks ago I recommended what I thought was a great film for Halloween. Unfortunately, REC 2 has not, and probably will not, be released in the US. If it wasn't for the internet I would not have seen it, and it really is a great film to scare your girlfriend on a romantic date. But this one IS out in theatres as we speak, and I can say with a straight face it is worthy of the hype it's received.

Unlike the "Blair Witch Project" which it is often compared to, this film actually IS SCARY. It does not rely on the audience having to imagine anything, even though the special effects are primitive. In fact, this very aspect is what makes it so effective. To give you a brief synopsis, the female lead is being followed by a demon. We know this because there has been a history of these types of occurrences in her life. How the correlation is made in the movie is one of the most original pieces of storytelling I've seen in the creatively bankrupt world of Hollywood fright movies (You can stick SAW 6, 7, 8 all the way up to 15 right up your ass).

The film has two different endings. I have no idea if both are offered when you go to the theatre to see it. Both are good, but the original to me is better. Either one will not disappoint, though I must say the 2009 ending has definitely stolen elements from REC part 1. That's too bad, as this is as original a movie as I've seen in this genre. And of course, it's an independent film. Unfortunately, Hollywood is going for (you guessed it) a fucking part 2. In fact, the reason the original ending was changed was to offer a segué into a part 2.

I say leave it as it is. It stands on it's own two feet as a great horror movie. Why ruin it with an unimaginative, cookie-cutter sequel that will underwhelm, underperform and ruin the legacy of the original? Why? Because that's what the corporate whores of Hollywood get paid to do for a living, that's why. Here's the unfortunate press release-

On October 25, 2009, Paramount Pictures announced plans for a sequel. Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman told on November 3, 2009-

The movie has been one of those surprise hits that comes along only rarely. Given that a follow-up release wouldn't have the same element of surprise as "Paranormal," it will be key to craft a smart approach to a sequel, he said.

This is my favorite part of the press release-

"Our team will come up with the right creative and marketing approach," he told analysts.

No they won't. Anyoen remember "Blair Witch 2"? Absolutely horrendous. But before this one gets turned into another Hollywood fast-food franchise, let's enjoy a great film. Go see it. You will not be disappointed.

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