Saturday, December 5, 2009

35th Anniversary "Heaven is a Playground" Photo Exhibit in NYC...

I am happy to announce there will be a photo exhibit celebrating the 35th Anniversary edition (published by Rhino Books) of sportswriter Rick Telander's book "Heaven is a Playground".

When: December 8th, 2009-January 31st 2010.

Thursdays through Saturdays 12 noon 'til 4 P.M.

Where: Converse Energy Space.
132 Orchard St. between Delancey St. And Rivington St.
Lower Manhattan, NYC.

Close from Christmas Eve until New Year's Day.

If you are a fan of this book, here is an opportunity to see the places and faces that Telander meticulously described when he spent the summer in Foster Park in Brooklyn chronicling the streetball scene. The characters and the playground itself will be on display, and I am personally looking forward to attending.

I wrote about this book in a previous blog entry, so if you'd like more information on it feel free to go back in the archives and check it out.

*Here are some photos from the opening night, which was RSVP only-

Author Rick Telander with James "Fly" Williams-

Telander with Albert King-

Telander with some of the original protagonists of the book-

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  1. FYI, the exhibition has been extended to January 31st. For more information, contact Stanley Lumax at