Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Film Recommendation of the Week...

Across the Bridge
Release date September 6, 1957.
Running time 1 hour 33 minutes.

Carl Schaffner, a German financier with a British passport (brilliantly played by Rod Steiger) is hunted by Scotland Yard for embezzlement. He has it all figured out until his plan unravels. Heading to Mexico from his NYC office by train, he meets a look-a-like whom he drugs, flings out the window and proceeds to assume the mans' identity. Only thing is, the man survives. Also, the man whose identity he steals is even more notorious than he, wanted in Mexico for murder.

Amidst the corruption, double-dealing and conniving by all parties involved, Schaffner, despite his money, contacts, and knowledge of the law winds up alone and disenfranchised except for the dog belonging to the man whose identity he attempted to steal. Finally taking pity on the poor animal (who follows him everywhere) and realizing it's his only friend left in the world, his attachment to the dog is what leads his undoing.

Too many plot twists to mention here (a good enough reason to watch the film) Rod Steiger is absolutely terrific in the role of this amoral snake. Despite all he has done one feels a bit of sympathy for him at the end. A great film, one that is very underrated and should be considered as one of the best of it's time.

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