Thursday, June 3, 2010


Jim Joyce, the well-respected professional baseball umpire of 22 years, fucked up one of the most obvious calls I've ever seen in my life. The play wasn't even close. That's why Armando Galarraga should file a protest against this call. He has gotten one of THEE most difficult sporting feats taken from him in the ninth inning when he was only two outs away from the third perfect game thrown this year. Just take a look at these photos-

Joyce was right on top of this call, and it's beyond anyone how he could have gotten it so wrong. I began screaming at the TV and was convinced he blew the call because he had placed a bet on the game, but that doesn't make sense. No one could have predicted Galarraga was going to pitch a perfect game, so this was not at stake. Besides, the umps never leave the field so there was no way Joyce could have stepped away to make a phone call to his bookie.

GM was kind enough to give Galarraga a free Corvette and the fans were definitely behind him for his efforts-

For his part, Joyce apologized to the pitcher and admitted he did blow the call. Galerraga exhibited plenty of class even as the play happened. If it were Roger Clemens at the mound when this play transpired there would have been a brawl. I've seen fights occur over plays much closer than this in local softball tournaments. We don't often see such collective grace by both parties involved, and there was hope that Bud Selig would do the right thing without blinking. I hope you're still not blinking, because Bud Selig has shown yet again that all he is is a bureaucratic buffoon.

Not only has Selig denied this young man his place in history, but he also stated that he will be dragging his feet on instant replay and will not implement it until next season AT THE EARLIEST. I wonder what this dribbling baboon of a commissioner has on his administrative plate that is more important than the issue of instant replay in baseball. Every other sport has it, it is one of the features of modern-day sport in the 21st. century. What baseball needs to do is take a meeting with Selig and send him a message-PROGRESS IS GOOD. We need instant replay in baseball, it's only right. Human error is not something we have to live with anymore. We have technology to aid us in getting things right. But Selig won't budge, because he is happy collecting those fat paychecks from MLB and sitting on his ass. Which is why instead of offering him a contract extension, the baseball owners should have gotten together and sent him out the door the Sicilian Way-

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