Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Endgame Pt.III...

There are stories that will come to light about the Lance Armstrong reign of terror that will be difficult to stomach for those who invested so much of themselves into believing "The Myth". But we cannot forget the side players who enabled this fraud to take on such gigantic proportions to the point where, like Wall Street, many believed Armstrong was too big to fail.

Kristen Armstrong is one of these people. I was told she was one of the first to have given testimony, first to the grand jury in the Federal case and then to the USADA. I was wrong. She decided to go down with the ship, despite the information about her that has become public. She must have known her name was going to come up but decided to take the coward's way out and remain silent. I can now correctly say the same exact thing about Sheryl Crow.

Now that the noxious fumes of Armstrong's reign of terror have been blown away by the USADA's damning report, we can now see who the enablers were. People have often spoken how badly Lance had treated both women, but there is a saying that describes such people-a woman who has an asshole for a boyfriend is an asshole herself. Turns out Kristen was one such asshole, with her botox-injected horses' ass for a face, rotisserie chicken complexion, and fake bonded veneers so blindingly white a NASA satellite spotted them from Mars and mistook them for giant solar panels. 

One of the stories, published today by David Walsh of the Sunday Times of London, tells of Kristen passing out cortisone tablets to the American squad at the World Championships in 1998 on behalf of Armstrong and whomever was coaching the squad. She also knew about the steroids Lance kept in their refrigerator right next to the butter, thinking only that PED's were "the cost of doing business". This is what this fucking bitch thought of the whole doping program. There was a tweet from nyvelocity that is succinct in it's sarcasm about this woman-

One woman won't let her husband dope. The other hands out drugs to his teammates. Guess which one blogs about religion, parenting and ethics?-nyvelocity via Twitter

The first woman referred to in the above tweet is Betsy Andreu, who told her husband that he needed to stop doping or quit cycling, or their marriage was over. The second woman is Kristen Armstrong, who never reverted to using her maiden name after the divorce from Captain Cock because then she would be just another anonymous, entitled white woman with a nice divorce settlement package and a house somewhere in Europe. You know how it is with brand recognition-who the fuck would read an article or buy a book written by a no-talent cunt named Kristen McGillecutty or whatever the fuck her real name is?

Here it is, the integrity of a whore-

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the wisdom of a serial douchebag. I never knew there was integrity in faking an orgasm. It's women like this, powerless in their own lives yet grabbing the bull by the horns when it comes to deception, that make me want to vomit. Kristen happily accepted the role as wife of Lance Armstrong because it gave her caché and the lifestyle of a snobby upper-class asshole that so many bleached-blonde bimbos aspire to but cannot attain on their own. She got to be the jet-setter, the first in line, with the beautiful home and not a care in the world. Yet, in marriage she whined about being "unfulfilled" because she didn't know "how much of herself she had to give up" being the spouse of a famous celebrity.

Here is an article written by Kristen explaining her poor little rich girl's dilemma. Please have a waste basket by your side, as you may not make it to the bathroom to vomit from the sheer disgust-

Someone sharpen the guillotine for this abominable twat.

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  1. I feel for the cyclist Kristin Armstrong, who certainly must get mistaken for this piece of work.