Friday, July 31, 2009

Gadgets for your Workout Routine...

Along with stairs, there are other things I use to vary my workout routines.

The first is this jump rope from This is the best made and the most versatile rope I've ever used. You can adjust the length, adjust the weights that slide right into each handle(or use it with no weights) and you can change the rope itself from the regular plastic bead covered nylon to the wire rope for more intense speed workouts. The handles also have a nice grippy, ergonomic shape, making it very comfortable to use.

I would not recommend any other rope.

Next we have some products from Nike Sparq Training. This is called the Carlisle Speed Box, and it is great for working on foot speed as highlighted by the Youtube video below-

The Speed Hurdles are essential for developing explosive leg speed...

...and the Speed Ladder for both leg and foot speed.

Power Bands help develop side-to-side speed, important if you play basketball

Resistance Parachute for improving sprint speed...

...and that's it for now. My aim is to help anyone who is looking to get into shape and would like to engage in activities that are a bit different than what you would find at your local gym. Also, what is great about these workout routines is that you don't need to be a member of a gym to get the full benefits. All you really need is some open space away from vehicular and pedestrian traffic-an urban workout, if you will. An empty schoolyard or a running track will do.

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