Sunday, September 27, 2009

Film Recommendation of the Week...

On this rainy day in NYC, I enthusiastically recommend a good thriller to curl up in front of your overpriced, soon-to-be obsolete flat screen television.

Release Date-June 25, 1971.
Running Time 1 hour 54 minutes.

A prostitute (played by Jane Fonda) assists private detective John Klute in his investigation into the disappearance of a business executive. It turns out that his disappearance coincides with the unresolved murders of a few of Fonda's prostitute friends, and is a suspect in the near-murder of Fonda herself.

Klute gets drawn into Fonda's seedy world and they develop an unlikely romance. Fonda won an Oscar for her performance, but Donald Sutherland also deserves accolades for playing the role of the conservative detective. We get to see NYC as it once was, in all it's grimy and garbage-strewn glory. Roy Schieder's in it, too and does an excellent job in his cameo appearance.

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