Friday, March 19, 2010

How to Groom Pt. 2...

Gentlemen-put away that clunky, graceless oversize Diesel watch. If you wear one of these to go out, you need to stay indoors until you can come up with a better idea for what looks good on your wrist. And that G-Shock? If you need a watch this rugged, you are probably reading my blog from the mountains of Afghanistan, in which case I salute you for defending our country.

But if you're ready for something with style, elegance and grace, something that has an understated sense of confidence and sophistication, if you're ready for a time piece as opposed to just a watch, then you are ready to step up to Movado.

Yes, there are more expensive watches, with names only very wealthy assholes and collectors have ever heard of. And you can pay a lot more money for a much uglier watch. But the sleek, classic lines of many of Movados' lines speak to their timelessness. You will never be out of style or out of the conversation with one of these on your wrist.

Whether you prefer the elegance of their leather band "Museum" edition or one of their various all-stainless steel sport editions, you will find a Movado for every occasion. There are morons who believe telling people at social gatherings that their $15,000 piece-of-garbage that no one has ever heard of was meticulously manufactured by Swiss midgets who yodel in the Alps on their days off and cross-country ski to work every day, but a Movado lets people know that you know elegance when you see it. And so will they, because when you wear one you become elegance personified. And that is something no one needs to be told. One can tell simply by asking the time.

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