Friday, March 19, 2010

How to Groom Pt. 3...

Some guys stink, and some guys look like they stink even if they bathe and wash their hair on a daily basis. Don't be either guy. How does one go about combating this? Well, I'm here to help. Cologne is a very personal issue, and what one person likes another may hate. My advice to anyone trying to navigate the world of men's fragrances is to go to any high quality department store or dedicated perfume/cologne shop and make those beautiful and intimidating fragrance girls work for their money. You know, the ones want to crop dust you with the latest Calvin Klein cologne as you're walking past them on your way to the Nike and Adidas sportswear section.

Not every department store is considered equal. A Macy's in a strip mall in Jersey is not like the Macy's on 34th Street and Herald Square in Manhattan. The Manhattan location is world-renown and has many employees dedicated to cosmetics and perfumes/colognes right on the first floor. Go there or choose a comparable site and meticulously take your time. Under no circumstances should you go with a woman. This advice may seem counter-intuitive but the whole point to personal grooming is that you're doing it for yourself and not impress others. What one woman likes another may hate. You have to train yourself to choose a cologne for whichever occasion you need it.

For the time being I use Aqua Quorum. It is the sport edition of their regular men's cologne and is much lighter and breezier. I have gotten many compliments on this particular fragrance and have not yet ran into anyone that did not like it. I typically use this for all occasions, but I now realize that for more formal occasions something a bit more serious will be necessary. So go to a department store that has a wide selection and try out various colognes, and make sure you let the sales clerk know you are not interested in buying whatever latest fragrance-du-jour. It may take a while, but once you find the one you want you'll be set for the next few years at the very least(or until it's discontinued).

Keep in mind that there is no bigger rip-off in retail than men's cologne. They are so overpriced that it is not uncommon for you to find the exact same cologne for up to $25 cheaper online. Just do your homework, put in the requisite time and don't act as if you're in a hurry and you'll eventually find something you'll like spraying on every morning at a very reasonable price.

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