Saturday, September 18, 2010

And the Heisman Trophy goes to...

...not this motherfucker.

Reggie Bush has managed to do something O.J. Simpson didn't accomplish, his efforts not withstanding. A great football player, an asshole deluxe, an unrepentant lover of white women, a murderer who got off on a technicality that still boggles the mind to this very day, arrested for stealing cable TV service in Florida and then finally sentenced to prison for pulling a heist in a hotel room of his own memorabilia, that is what I call a solid body of work. Yet not enough to get him stripped of his Heisman Trophy.

That honor goes to Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints. Getting paid in college is nothing new. Eric Dickerson received $10,000 in cash as a signing bonus to go attend SMU and held the keys to a new Pontiac Trans-Am during his senior year. That's peanuts in comparison to what Reggie and his family made off with. There is a difference here, maybe one of semantics but a difference nonetheless. Anyone who knows anything about Texas football knows it is high stakes and big business from Pop Warner all the way up to college. Dickerson was paid by boosters to keep him happy while attending school. Bush was paid by some cats who wanted to represent him when he turned pro.

The payoffs were indeed lavish. Reggie made sure his family were in on it as they benefited from the largess of sports agent Lloyd Lake, who sued the Bush family for $290,000 dollars, money he said he paid out to these assholes in exchange for future representation at the pro level. Bush decided to say "Fuck You" to the men who paid him and made sure his family was living fat while he broke records on the gridiron for the rogue USC program. So my man Lake decided to say "Fuck You" right the fuck back. He cooperated with the NCAA and the infractions handed down cost Bush and the USC football program dearly.

The parents of Reggie Bush lived in a small apartment in San Diego. After their son went to USC, they moved on up in the best Jeffersonian manner-and by that I mean GEORGE Jefferson. The house has been valued at over $700,000 dollars and it was owned by one of the guys giving Reggie Bush the cash money he needed to live fat on the USC campus. With that type of spending money, I wonder how then-coach Pete Carroll missed those shopping sprees to Beverley Hills. Who exactly did he think was sponsoring this band of mopes?

First to fall was Athletic Director and colossally arrogant prick Mike Garrett. Coach Pete Carroll hightailed it outta there and went to the pros. The Trojans were stripped of their 2005 season and their appearance in the Orange Bowl, which they ironically lost to Texas and Heisman runner-up Vince Young, who even more ironically gave the crowd a Heisman pose while holding the National Championship trophy aloft.

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