Friday, August 26, 2011

Babe of the Week for August 26, 2011 is...

Yes, this beautiful young lady loooks mahvelous, dahling-absolutely mahvelous!!! And she's got talent, too, like most of our "Babe of the Week" candidates. I don't really listen to her music, but I've seen a few of her videos and she's always on maximum hotness. There are those that think she's a bit homely, but what do they know?

According to Billboard Magazine, she was rated the #1 pop singer of the last decade (2000-2009) so must be have been doing something right, selling 40 million albums and 65 million singles worldwide. She's also garnered 3 Grammys, 5 MTV video awards and 2 Brit awards. Not bad at all, I would say.

Unfortunately for us she's got terrible taste in men, marring some white trash motocross dildo who has more tattoos than Dennis Rodman. But our loss is definitely his gain. At least we have these wonderful photos of her to gaze upon while we wait for her to regain her senses and dump his retarded, monkey ass.

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