Sunday, October 16, 2011

Film Recommendation of the Week...

Release date November 2, 2001.
Running time 1 hour 26 minutes.

This independent film works well as a three-person, one act play. It is engaging, interesting and very well-acted. Two high school buddies meet up in Michigan. Vince, the hard-partying slacker and sometimes volunteer fireman (played with slithering, greasy brilliance by Ethan Hawke) is in town to support his buddy on his entry into the Lansing Film Festival, but with a catch. He just so happens to be in pursuit of a confession from Jon (played by the ever-reliable Robert Sean Leonard), who allegedly raped an ex-girlfriend of his back in the day.

Amy (Uma Thurman) also happens to be in town, and just so happens to be an assistant district attorney. She joins in the psychological mind-fuck and plays along in this game long enough to fuck both characters in the end. Great flick and is highly recommended.

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