Friday, October 14, 2011

Must-See TV...

1) The HBO series Boardwalk Empire is heating up big-time after three episodes. Not only that, it has been renewed for a third season. That is great news. Will Enoch "Nucky" Thompson hold on to power in Atlantic City now that The Commodore has decided to rally the troops and give him the bum's rush via a Federal election-rigging indictment and a hostile takeover of his bootlegging network? Inquiring minds want to know...

2) AMC's Breaking Bad keeps getting better and better. This season ended last Sunday with a literal "bang" and will continue for one more season next year. If anyone missed it you can catch it on reruns or download from any site that has it.  I for one am happy to see Gus get his comeuppance-he was truly one of the biggest and most bizarre creeps ever to have been showcased in a serial drama, played with icy aplomb by Giancarlo Esposito. I'm glad he's gone, but the question remains-now that the meth lab has been effectively put out of commission, who will Walt and Jesse cook for now that the Juarez cartel has been killed off and they have no connections to move the drugs if they begin cooking again?

3) Season Two of AMC's The Walking Dead kicks off this coming Sunday. There is a lot of buzz about this coming season, and the cast have all said that it will be more exciting and riveting than the first year. From the trailer it seems as if they are correct. After the Atlanta CDC (Center for Disease Control) blew up once the one remaining doctor realized he could not come up with a cure for the virus that has decimated all of mankind, the gang are back on the road and have no idea where they're headed or when there will be even a small respite from the incessant running from the marauding hordes of undead who have destroyed civilization as we know it.

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