Saturday, July 21, 2012

George Zimmerman...

Seems as if the George Zimmerman Apologist Society has been pretty silent lately, ever since the media whore deluxe himself decided to go on Sean Hannity to speak his piece. That's because he's "showing his ass" (an inner city euphemism for exhibiting one's true colors, and not in a good way) on national television. When I checked Zimmy's web site the other night, it was temporarily down. I wondered why, so I kept at it until it was up and running again, and here is an excerpt from the home page. We see George tugging at the ol' heartstrings, looking for good folks out there who believe in truth, justice, mental illness, and the right to pack heat for the sole purpose of indiscriminately shooting unarmed civilians for no good reason, to send him some money-

"I also want a place where people can send me words of encouragement, and while I wish I didn't have to ask, a place for those able to donate to my defense fund to help pay my living expenses, to help with legal expenses and help with security expenses as needed. I have no other means of generating income for five months let alone pay the enormous expenses surrounding the case." 

No such words of encouragement are needed, because the site has disabled this feature. But you CAN send money-that part of the site is operational. Too bad, because I had some positive words of encouragement for him and his trashy, whorebag of a wife. As for paying his security expenses, I suggest he go out and solicit a team of untrained neighborhood watchmen...wait, isn't that what HE was doing the night he murdered Trayvon Martin? Then he should feel safe from the hordes of marauding young, black youth who want to do him harm.

"Given the extraordinary circumstances surrounding this case, we have now realized that it is much larger than we ever thought regarding extent and cost. (You should have thought of that before pulling the trigger, asshole!!!) We have been hiding in temporary housing (don't worry, George-your housing issues will be sorted out shortly when you are found guilty and given a nice, taxpayer-subsidized unit in a correctional facility not of your choice), and our security needs have been extremely high. The fund has been devastated by the need to pay $100,000 to a bondsman and almost $50,000 in security expenses. The skyrocketing legal costs have gone unpaid. The defense fund is at its' lowest since its' inception; in fact, with outstanding expenses still unpaid, the fund is near depletion". 

Please, you apologists need to send Georgie Porgy some cash right away. He needs it. Don't let the fact that he attempted to hide assets accrued for his so-called legal defense from the judge who set the original bond amount, requiring the waste of taxpayer dollars to track him down and re-arrest him. And that he and his wife were speaking in code over the phone while Zimmy was in prison, conniving over what to do with this unexpected windfall, which included purchasing a new flatscreen tv, an all-oak bedroom set (if you are familiar with the film "Pulp Fiction", you'd get the reference), and running away to Mexico, a country where they understand the meaning of the Second Amendment, seeing as shooting people with American-made assault rifles has usurped drinking tequila and drunken fist-fighting as their national pastime.

Send your donations NOW, before it's too late.

Here is an audio excerpt from one of the videos, which was immediately taken down (but not before the investigative team here on "Busting Chops" got a hold of it)-

(Cue in some Kenny G background music, as Zimmerman casually strolls into his trailer park-I mean gated community, takes off his bulletproof v-neck sweater vest and changes into a pair of  fur-lined, steel-toed Hush Puppy slippers...)

"Hi, I'm George Zimmerman. And I like long walks in the park, shooting unarmed Negroes, I mean nigg...I mean potential burglars without due cause and pretending to be a police officer on my spare time. 

That's because I have a license to carry a gun, but not a license to carry a brain that isn't diluted with visions of blacks and Mexicans running rampant all over my community, turning it into a literal version of "Escape from New York". We can't have "those people" always getting away with crimes in my neighborhood, which is why I started a one-man neighborhood watch (with no training and no supervision). 

This career move ended badly when I shot a criminal who turned out to be an unarmed youth who was doing nothing worse than going to watch a basketball game at his father's house. But he was wearing a hoodie, so I came to the reasonable conclusion that he was a thug up to no good-aren't they all?

Please send me money for my escape...I mean defense, because I'm innocent. I'm innocent because God told me I was.

And please remember to send money, because I'm innocent. I'm sorry Trayvon Martin chose to end his life the way he did, but like I said in my interview with Mr. Hannity that I would not change anything that happened that night because it was all part of God's plan. 

I'm George Zimmerman, and I approve this message."

Here's a video of Zimmerman attempting to raise money as a contestant on "Wheel of Fortune"-

Zimmerman has some serious public relations issues to work through without us having to bust his chops, but we are going to anyway because that's what we do. Irresponsible gun ownership, a protracted life of peripheral issues with race and law enforcement, documented cases of harassment, and a sense of entitlement all convened in the form of George Zimmerman on that fateful night, and that is why we are here today. His groupies, those fun-loving conservative nutjobs who can't stand seeing men of color walking down the street without thinking they're up to no good, must ask themselves one question-if Zimmy was so gun-ho about protecting any community from street crime, why not set up a neighborhood watch in, say, Liberty City? Because those cats will fire back, that's why. And it won't be with a pack of Skittles, either.

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