Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Invisible Pack of Sadness...

Kristin Armstrong recently published an article that illustrates how the people around her ex-husband were just as despicable as he was. This monumental piece of ego-maniacal tripe rivals anything that's come across our desks here at the home office at "Busting Chops". Words cannot convey the absolute hubris put on display by this entitled, self-centered anus maximus. I'll let her words speak for themselves, from an article originally published in Runner's World magazine entitled ""How the Light Gets In"-

(In the paragraph below, the portions that are in parenthesis are my individual comments. The rest is from Kristin's ridiculous attempt at trying to author her empty feelings of self-fullfilment. And why would we not feel sorry for a bitch with a $14 million dollar divorce settlement?)

"When I was broken and drifting (all the while living the life of Mrs. Thurston Howell III), Runner's World was the passing ship that picked me up (after escaping from Lance Armstrong's PED-drenched Shutter Island) and gave me the opportunity to be publicly what I had always been privately-a writer (and an over-privileged,  fake blond whore of a loser who cashed her chips in at the nearest divorce court casino and now relentless whines about how bad my life is) . I have been very blessed to run, write and relate here with you (the trials and tribulations of a Class-A gilded nutria) for almost a decade. There may have been some celebrity intrigue associated with my last name (the only reason anyone would hire me to write the unreadable swill I crank out) when I first started out, but I appreciate how the Runner's World staff and readers have allowed my work to stand for itself (these idiots, who are so gullible they consider the unendurable slop I hash out as actual writing).

Señorita Horseface in repose (does this pasty-faced skank know any other position?)-

The self-absorption knows no bounds with these people. Every time I see Kristin's stupid horse face, I feel obliged to pull out the sugar cubes and carrots, not to put in her mouth but to shove up her ass. This is the same woman who, when asked by Betsy Andreu about drug use on the US Postal Team at a race, that is was "a necessary evil". Really? How come, when writing the article above, did our darling Kristin not mention this to any of her followers, who wait every month with baited breath to read the ruminations of this alligator-mouthed, duplicitous media vulture?

The title of this article comes from one of the most gag-inducing lines in the article. Kristin states that while she was doing her first marathon, she was running with "an invisible pack of sadness" from her divorce and the subsequent attempt to put her life back together. As if it were torn apart to begin with. Armstrong didn't suddenly sideswipe her with his assholishness. She was married to him, had two of his children, and lived with him throughout many of the years he spent lying to the world about his life story.

She profited from and, worse than that, was complicit in this fraud and stood silently by Lance's side while he lied to the whole world, and now continues commandeering the Bullshit Express by hiding behind a confidentiality agreement as the reason why we shouldn't trespass on her privacy to get at the truth. She knew all along what he was, because she was exactly the same way. Now she is intent on whoring the female yuppie divorcée crowd not only financial gain, but for pity which she deserves about as much as Jeffrey Dahmer.

Kristin Armstrong's river of bullshit in written form-

Meanwhile, the final bell has rung for her ex-husband. He has been dismissed from the board of directors of his own cancer foundation, and now they have to fight for their very existence (which involves a bunch of corporate douchebags clinging on to their overpaid positions more than it is about cancer awareness) where everything they've built their reputation on has been deemed fraudulent. The yellow plastic bracelets don't mean anything anymore, because those yellow Tour jerseys have been stripped. It will be impossible to keep screeching to people to "Livestrong" when Lance Armstrong spent his whole career living "WRONG". Without a message, without its' founding father, this charity will flounder into irrelevance.

Here is a photo posted of Armstrong taking it easy in the house he's been trying to sell for the last two or so years-I believe it's an old photo posted by an Armstrong internet troll who still longs for the days when the lies were true-

Here is the same photo as it should look-

I hope everyone got their children the hottest Halloween costume of the year. The kid on the left is none other than Motoman himself-

Now comes the financial fallout. His attorneys have attempted to negotiate with SCA Promotions, cynically offering restitution of $1 million dollars, which is a joke. They in turn are going to sue him for about $12 million dollars and will include a charge of perjury for lying about doping under oath during their initial lawsuit in 2006, which Armstrong won to the tune of the initial $5 million payout and attorney fees/interest of another $2.5 million. The remaining balance include the payouts to Armstrong by SCA in 2004 and 2005. Forget SOL technicalities. Here is a stipulation in the contract that makes this lawsuit an open and shut case-

The Times of London will be suing him for the $1 million they had to pay Armstrong stemming from a lawsuit against the paper after sportswriter David Walsh published a book full of accusations that turned out to be all true. The IOC wants their Olympic medal back, and the ASO, the organization that owns the Tour de France race, are going after the $7.5 million dollars in earnings Lance won during his seven year reign. This is the total amount Armstrong owes, and he will lose every case if he decides to take them to court.

Armstrong no longer has any sponsors left willing to have him shill their products. He can no longer whore the cancer community for a a fistful of dollars. He is not allowed to ride sanctioned triathlon events. His revenue stream has dried up like a used blood bag. Now that he's been dropped by Demand Media, he only has the interest on his investment portfolio to live off of. Should anyone feel sympathy for this devil? Absolutely not, just like no one should feel sorry for Kristin Armstrong. In the annals of the all-time greatest Tour riders, Armstrong no longer has a place amongst this elite group.

The moral of the story is this-people will always cheat, and people will always get away with cheating. Fraud exists in all walks of life, and everyone lies to a certain extent about all manner of situations both monumental and banal. But this motherfucker took it to unprecedented levels, which is why his downfall needed to be just as unprecedented. The surprising part was the surgical precision of his decapitation from public life. The companies that stood by him throughout years and years of allegations dropped him like a pimp would eject a tired, dusty-ass whore who can't hack it anymore from his stable of ho's. After being given the bum's rush by his own cancer foundation (with his name summarily removed from it's title) no one will ever want to be associated with this fraudster ever again if they want to remain a viable business/corporate entity. And since Livestrong has no identity outside it's founder, they will very soon shut their doors forever.

Here is the investigative piece done by the Australian news program "4 Corners", which is pretty much the last word on this debacle-


The bottom line of this pathetic tale is that Armstrong absolutely deserves every bit of ridicule and marginalization that's hit him like an anvil across his head. No one can predict the outcome of the remaining three cases the USADA must adjudicate, but after 1,000 pages of testimony and proof against Armstrong himself, if the other clowns in this sordid circus dare continue with their arbitration hearings, it will be the last nails in the coffin of the whole US Postal/Discovery Channel cycling team affair.

The legacy these American riders have left on the sport of professional cycling should leave them feeling ashamed, with only Greg Lemond left to ponder what could have been if he didn't have so much bad luck in his cycling career. The consolation for him is, despite getting shot in his prime while turkey hunting and losing two key years of his athletic prime, Lemond managed a career that no other American rider could touch. Bravo to you, Greg, for standing tall in face of financial and emotional stress brought on by being one of the first major figures to publicly doubt "The Armstrong Myth".

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