Sunday, October 9, 2016

This Motherfucker AGAIN...

I hate to get on this guy again for the simple fact that he's a total and complete non-entity in the sport of cycling, but Lance Armstrong just wrapped up a contentious interview with Ger Gilroy of "Off The Ball", a sports talk radio show based in Dublin. Armstrong was interviewed in anticipation of some event he's doing in Ireland, and he got off to an auspicious start by being the total and complete dickhead he's always been. It seems that people like Armstrong do not know how to interact with others unless they are kissing his ass and telling him how great he is. Here's the link, and please remember to keep a bucket next to your chair so you won't have to vomit on the floor-

On one hand, he states that he'll answer any question. Then when confronted with the questions he's never once answered, like his relationship with the nefarious Dr. Ferrari and the actual DETAILS of his doping regimen-who were the doctors involved, where did his team procure the PED's, ect., Armstrong went on the defensive and became evasive. We had to listen to the worn-out excuse of "moving forward" that all athletes use when they are questioned about one of their fuck-ups. Armstrong bizarrely went into attack mode, accusing Gilroy of all manner of unprofessionalism which I found absolutely abhorrent. He then ends the interview by hanging up without saying good-bye. 

I was watching a youtube video based on the American Mafia, and they included a police surveillance recording of some greaseball threatening some poor schlub who apparently owed him money. Towards the end of the conversation, the goon in question said he was going to fuck him up if homeboy didn't pay up every Friday as per their original agreement. He ends the telephone conversation like this-"I'm gonna break every bone in your body before I got to jail. You got that? OK, buh-bye". Even a ruthless gangster has the courtesy of saying good-bye to the person he's threatening, but our boy Lance isn't so magnanimous. 

Gilroy asked Armstrong about "mechanical doping" (for the uninitiated, this is a motor that cannot be detected because it's hidden inside the frame of a bike), and he had the audacity to take umbrage, as if he would never stoop to such a level. There is something going on here that we've yet to ascertain, but rumor has it that there is going to be a story about Armstrong's use of this technology out very soon. The originator of this contraption, some clown from Hungary, said his device was available for use as early as 1999, when (coincidentally) Armstrong's reign of terror over the Tour de France began. Gilroy asked Armstrong that given the advantages of such technology, it would make sense that the creator would approach someone of his stature. That line of reasoning makes sense to you and I, but not to Lance. Armstrong was outraged. He was also flummoxed over the contention that, according to Gilroy's sources, his apology to Greg and Cathy Lemond went unaccepted, something Armstrong vehemently denies. He also denies having anything to do with Trek dropping Lemond as a brand. I wonder how the boys at Trek feel about that decision now, hindsight being 20-20 and all...

Hi! I'm Lance Armstrong, and I'm STILL a DICK!!!

And now he's saying he doesn't recall the hospital incident where the doctor asked him what PED's he's ever taken. First, he called the Andreus liars when they testified against him. Then he said on his Oprah Winfrey interview "I'm not going to take that on. I'm laying down on that one". Now in this interview he says he doesn't remember the incident. Trying to pin him down on all of his lies is like trying to lasso a snake covered in Vaseline, and he still cannot stop lying.

This is going to get worse going forward. This asshole is trying desperately to find relevance in a world that no longer wants him. He wants to be fawned over like in the days of yore, but those days are never coming back. That's the problem with people with unaddressed mental disorders. Narcissistic egomaniacs always crave the adulation that made them feel important, and no amount of money or success can satisfy that empty void (see Donald Trump). I find it difficult to comprehend how someone like Armstrong, having cheated his way through life and living such an obnoxious life without a hint of self-reflection, can get so angry with the very people he duped for daring to ask for an explanation of his antics. This is because once you strip away the PED's, the non-compete clause with cycling's most infamous doping doctor, and the all-too-cushy relationship with the governing body of the sport (which basically guaranteed he would NEVER test positive despite his prodigious drug use), he becomes what any rational person thinks he is-a rider of marginal professional talent, propped up by every available means; a rider who couldn't have achieved half of what he accomplished without the cheating.

That realization is what he's afraid of the most, that in the end he excelled through cheating, and it was THE ONLY way he could have done it because he wasn't half the bike rider he and so many of his deluded, half-witted sycophants think he was. And to think he's still spending money on his defense against the Qui Tam case brought by Floyd Landis, a case he's guaranteed to lose. Enough of this idiot already. Do us all a favor, Lance-please go somewhere and never come back. No one wants to tune in to your podcasts. We've heard more than enough from you, and if you aren't going to spill the beans on Ferrari and Verbruggen, then go fuck yourself. And to think we lost Marco Pantani and have to put up with this motherfucker...there is no justice in this world.

*Breaking News-Istvan Varjas, the Hungarian inventor of the cycling motor, was interviewed on the same Irish podcast and says "very soon you will see a big story". What that means we don't know yet. The first prototype was completed at the end of 1998, originally for military use. Here is the podcast-

The Two Pendejos, when the cheating was good-

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